On 29 January, Sir Simon Rattle received the Sibelius medal, the highest award of the Sibelius Society of Finland. The medal was presented to him by the Finnish Ambassador Päivi Luostarinen in the presence of Janna Virkkunen, the great-grandson of the composer, on the occasion of the Sibelius cycle in the Berlin Philharmonie: During the lapse of 2 weeks, Sir Simon Rattle will perform all of Sibelius Symphonies, both in Berlin and in London.

Since not all of you might be subscribed to the Digital Concert Hall to see the shows, I found this remarkable interview by the conductor for the Finnish television.

The video’s sound follows the English language, and the always mesmerizing Sir Simon has much to say about his Sibelius Marathon this last 2 weeks.



Sir Simon Rattle and Vesa Siren discuss Sibelius

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