Mobile Apps for tried fans and to-be Music lovers.

Today’s digital age offers hundreds of digital options to learn about the wonderful world of classical music, from applications that teach our little ones the conformation of an orchestra, to virtual libraries housing thousands of recordings, to virtual tours inside the orchestras in charge of maintaining its traditions and the instruments that bring each piece alive. Here are some of those options that will expand your knowledge of this incredible universe right on your mobile device, regardless of your age, or any previous knowledge. Enjoyment is guaranteed!


WelcomeOrchestraMy First Orchestra

For the youngest music lovers

This unique and exciting iPad app from the world’s largest independent classical record company is full of different pieces of music in excellent audio quality. Children have the opportunity to learn in a deep an relaxing way: they can hear examples of music where each instrument is used, read simple texts explaining their significance, or see illustrations and short answer tests designed to deepen understanding.


ClassOfClassicsClass of classics

For the cartoon lovers and their music

This past July, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra released their design for a grand strategy to bring children to classical music: they recorded the entire soundtrack of the famous children’s series Popeye -including special effects- and combined the cartoon with the recording into a mobile application called Class of Classics. The scheme is simple: children can sync their iPad to their TV and watch all the episodes of the series. Meanwhile they can watch the orchestra performing the music on the handheld device. The orchestra’s plan for the near future include a strategic alliance with children-oriented channel Gloob to record many more soundtracks of key animated cartoons.



For students who want to test their knowledge

Tenuto is an application that allows young talents to test their theoretical knowledge through exercises that can be adapted to their individual needs, from their overall pace through a year to specific ‘weak points’ that need strengthening. The tool includes five musical ‘calculators’ that measure intervals, chords, harmonic nomenclature and twelve-tone matrix rows, among many others areas. Trainees have the opportunity to determine the total time at which they wish to complete the exercises and can use Tenuto without an internet connection.


MusicaPianoMusica Piano

For the most demanding pianists

On 13 October, the German publishing Könoemann launched an iOS app called Music Piano, containing a preloaded library of about 25 thousand scores of classical piano music, from Debussy to compositions of Beethoven and Mozart. The tool also presents different recordings of the same work, so that users can compare different interpretations. In addition, the application allows users to make their own recordings, using the camera and microphone of the mobile device, which can in turn be shared with others. Piano music promises to revolutionize the music world, as it provides the ability to access hundreds of scores for free supported by the scope of social media sharing.


iSymphonicOrchestraiSymphonic Orchestra

Orchestral music in an app

This iOS application, created by Crudebyte developers, has an extensive library of symphony orchestras pre-recorded ‘samples’ from around the world. The tool was created to bring the user a more sophisticated and clean sound of an orchestra. All you need is a MIDI keyboard, and the app promises to make it sound like the best of the ensembles.


TheOrchestraThe Orchestra

To live a classic 3D experience

One of the most prominent and acclaimed classical music applications is The Orchestra. This imaginative tool has a repertoire eight consisting in substantial excerpts from eight different works that span over three centuries of symphonic music, all performed by the Philharmonic UK under the baton of Finnish conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen. Users can immerse themselves into the works from different points of view: by viewing scores while the music is playing, watching the conductor’s movements from several different angles, reading the program notes versing on the compositions, understanding which families and group of instruments play in every section. All of this in a 3D environment, the experience is certainly a must for any classical music lover.


Great Apps to immerse yourself in Music

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