At the beginning of the week I got to talk with the team at the Houston Symphony Blog about our coming performance of Robert Shcumann’s The Pilgrimage of the Rose. The following is an extract, but you can read the complete interview online.

This weekend, the Houston Symphony presents a never-before-seen production of Schumann’s The Pilgrimage of the Rose, featuring singers, contemporary dancers, chorus and orchestra. I recently got to ask the Houston Symphony’s new Musical Ambassador/Assistant Conductor Carlos Andrés Botero a few questions about Schumann’s choral masterpiece.

Calvin Dotsey: How would you describe Schumann’s The Pilgrimage of the Rose? What does it sound like? What story does it tell?

Carlos Andrés Botero: In 1851, Robert Schumann was hired by the Düsseldorf Choral Society and Orchestra to be their music director and principal conductor. The composer took advantage…


You can read the complete interview online.


Houston Symphony Blog – Interview

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