Press Reviews and Commentaries

You can read the interview for the Houston Symphony Magazine for the month of January 2015. The article examines out approach to the new series Musically Speaking with Andres.

“We are thrilled to establish this innovative and critical role in the landscape of today’s orchestras. Creating connections between orchestral music and our audiences is essential to our work of engaging and inspiring more of Houston’s diverse population. As Musical Ambassador, Carlos will help to make Houston Symphony performances more relevant and accessible to our current and future audiences throughout the community.”

~ Houston Symphony Executive Director/CEO Mark C. Hanson, Broadway World



“A chamber ensemble of 12 instrumentalists complemented the vocals, thanks to the score itself and to conductor Carlos Andres Botero. He and stage director David Kote gave the cast sufficient underpinning to make O’Neill’s six troubled characters once again come to life. ”

~Peter Jacobi, The Herald Times


“Dueño de una gran energía, una sonrisa contagiosa y sincera y un enorme carisma.”

~Cristina Uzuga, Vanguardia (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

Also, visit Vanguardia to read the review of the concert.


“…the assistant conductor Carlos Andres Botero, who led it in a charming, humoristic and incredibly warmhearted way…”

~Christian Heubes, The Mahler Chamber Orchestra Blog


“A corner was reserved for the 17-player orchestra (from strings, winds and percussion to piano/synthesizer and electric guitar). Carlos Andres Botero, conductor of Columbia’s premier youth orchestra, kept “Intoxication’s” orchestra and all things musical together, impressively so. ”

~Peter Jacobi, The Herald Times


Carlos Andrés Botero kept the singers and pit musicians together under difficult circumstances, both relating to the space and the score. The music was incredibly challenging at times, with changing meters, syncopation, and odd tonalities. Impressively, there were no obvious train-wrecks on stage or in the pit, and Botero used clear and concise gestures in the face of obscurity.”

~Olivia Savage, This is what I think about american opera


“His enthusiasm was contagious, and swept all two thousand attendees from their seat in every piece, filling the room with energy and the wonderful sound of this young but highly qualified orchestra.”

~Marita Siqueira, Correio Popular (Araras, Sao Paulo, Brasil)