When: Summer 2016, 2017

Where: Cas di Cultura Theatre and Cultural Center | Oranjestad, Aruba

Ensemble: Nuevo Mundo Music Festival – Chamber Orchestra (Website)

Photo credits: Roney Lopez ® Aruba Photo and Films

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The Aruba Symphony Festival (ASF), aims to contribute to Aruba’s cultural growth by organizing concerts, classes, conferences, and other artistic-related events and activities. Once a year, the ASF will bring to the island first-class musicians from all over the world who will join on stage to present the Aruba Symphony Orchestra and the Nuevo Mundo Chamber Orchestra. Furthermore, this ambitious musical and social project, will include in its busy agenda, the possibility of working with young Aruban musicians to introduce them to music as a way of living. Last summer, more than 100 musicians arrived in Aruba and, during 8 intensive days of music, guest artists and students from more than 15 countries, gave the happy island an unforgettable experience with full house attendance concerts, workshops, and classes led by celebrated musicians from all over the globe. This year, we are pleased to give Aruba one more week of music, thus, from July 20-29.


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