When: February 13th, 2014

Where: Auer Hall, Indiana University | Bloomington, IN

Ensemble: The Latin American Music Center – LAMC (website)


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The Latin American Music Center (LAMC) is proud to present its Fifth Annual Latin Valentine concert: Estás en mi corazón… (You belong to my heart). The repertoire was selected from major Latin American zarzuelas, a staged musical theater of Spanish origin, that found a receptive audience in the New World, leading to the development of localized zarzuela traditions. The concert features numbers from Cecilia Valdés, by Cuban Gonzalo Roig; Cofresí by Puerto Rican Rafael Hernández; El castillo misterioso, by Colombian Juan María Ponce de León, and other works by Cuban Ernesto Lecuona.

Also, visit The Herald Times to read the review of the concert.

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