How long does it take to prepare before a concert?

Season 1 Episode 1  [How long does it take to prepare?]


Today I want to answer the question that perhaps I get the most when I’m talking about classical music with our audiences: How long does it take to prepare before a concert?

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Content. Music how long does it take to prepare before the concert? From the logistical point of  view, two months before the first rehearsal we need to procure the parts from the publisher. Therefore each of the musicians have time to prepare their parts.

That first rehearsal will happen normally on Tuesday of the week of the performances. There is a total of three rehearsals and a dress rehearsal before the first of the shows. Regardless of which program it is, the expense of having an orchestra practicing makes it prohibitive to have more.

Now, from an artistic point of view, the preparation requires a little bit longer. The dates for the guest artists are negotiated sometimes 4 or 5 years in advance. If we add that each of the performances is meant to build into a whole season, then the planning has started several years in advance, way before we join forces for the first rehearsal. 

There you have it, how many hours are invested in the lives of our musicians. It’s quite difficult of decide how much time is dedicated to prepare each performance, because life and music are weaved into our every single day.

I hope I answered your question!

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