Where do I learn more about music?


Today we will answer a question from our audience: How can I learn more about classical music? Where do I go? Where do I look?

Welcome to Our Music, A podcast to unlock your imagination to the possibilities of Classical music. I hope you are having an inspiring week.


  • Relational
  • Start with what you know, and build from there
  • Go to youtube and search “Best of…”
  • Follow your enthusiasm!


  • What to Listen for in Music, by Aaron Copland.
  • The Vintage Guide to Classical Music, by Jan Swafford.
    • Beethoven, Ives, Brahms.
  • Tchaikovsky, by David Brown. (4 volumes)


  • Mahler
    • What the Universe tells me (Jason Starr)
  • Beethoven
    • The genius of Beethoven (BBC)


To listen

Things to avoid

The audiophiles who say you can’t possibly enjoy classical music without spending US$4000 on a sound-system.

Purists of every stripe:

The early music purists who say you can’t play Rameau on the piano (because he wrote his keyboard music for the harpsichord), the ‘contemporary music’ devotees who look down on people who just like a good tune, the high-minded types who scorn encore pieces because they’re not serious enough. 

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